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1 down, 2 to go!

Posted by on August 30, 2011

We won by 156 runs and 3 wickets!
Its an amazing feeling to know that your on your way to getting a career you can’t stop dreaming about!
Ah, its great! Pity my Father wont talk to me….
Aye he still angry. I tried to talk to him last night about the whole cricket thing but i didn’t work. I walked up to him after dinner and said “can we talk?”. He agreed and we sat down in front of the fire. I asked him “so have you..” but thats all i got to say. “What makes you think you can disert you family!” he roared at me. He seems to believe that if I go play cricket for a living, the family business will become bankrupt and the family will lose everything! And with that he kicked me out!
But thats preposterous! I have 3 brothers who are devoted to the family business and wont let it fall into bankruptcy. Why would they? They all love building things and im the one being shouted at because i want to do something different!
But i’ll show them. I’ll get that talent agent to notice me.
I will never return to that house.
Not even Mother would talk to me…

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