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Hard Training…..

Posted by on August 30, 2011

Train. Train. Train.

That seems to be all i’m doing lately. It’s all of got to be honest. I’m staying with my teammate, Robert Loxely. He’s a good bloke and a true friend. We train together all the time. We are all in hard training for our next match against Albion Park. The rest of the team aren’t as serious as they take the games as a hobby but we don’t. Me and Rob want to go further and be professional cricket players. I guess thats why we get on so well. So we are constantly training now.

We train for 3 hours in the nets each day then got for an hour run after that. Its important we keep ourselves in peak physical condition! After all the members of the Australian Cricket Team don’t spend the day at the pub like the rest of our teammates! No, so we don’t either. We were talking last night and we both agreed that if one of got picked, the other wouldn’t rest till, they to, got in.

I tried to talk to Mother yesterday. I saw her buying groceries at the general store and I over to her. It was my chance to talk to her without Father breathing on her neck. I had though that this was the reason that was causing her not to talk to me but it appears not. As soon as she saw me however she walked out of the store.


Now im on my own completely. Well except for Robbo, what a legend!


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