Sep 6 2011

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Aug 28 2011

Katherine: What a drag

1800 hrs, 28th October, 1924

What a drag. The days seem to be melting into one another, the weeks are almost inseparable, it all goes by in a blur. The only interesting thing that’s happening at the moment is all this rage about the trade union and striking . Yesterday, almost half the staff at the Laundromat I work in went on strike, leaving me with double the work; double the stress. I can’t say I blame them though, I barely get by myself, in fact , I probably wouldn’t be where I am today without without Micheal and Geffory’s support. I had to borrow three pence from Micheal just last week. I told him I’d repay him, although we both know that won’t happen anytime soon, not with the economy the way it is.

The highlight of my week seems to be my new bob cut, it makes me feel confident and independent, but for the most part I just needed a change. Rose anne, my employer, gave me a hard time about it though. She thinks it makes me look like a man, but I think she’s either jealous or intimidated by my boldness. I almost feel sorry for her, despite her cold glare and demeaning comments, after all, she’s under twice the pressure I am; she’ll be out of staff soon, if any of us left decide to strike out. Personally, I think it’s all too much, this whole thing has been blow out of proportion and whoever suggested a strike was being thoroughly unrational. It’s not the employer’s fault that we can’t get by, because they themselves are underpaid as well. We’d all be fine if we just put our heads down and work a little harder, perseverance is all that’s needed. There’s no need to cause all this commotion.

But I guess here in Sydney, we aren’t all that unfortunate. Why, just yesterday, late evening, Geffory told me that the entire police force in melbourne went on strike. Imagine that…All law and order thrown to the dogs. Is that it then? Will this ‘great depression’ last forever? Has Australia lost her head completely? I sure hope not, I wouldn’t like having to move away. I can’t even afford to consider returning to Britain for a short time, not at current time anyway. I wish the world would just sort itself out…

Aug 22 2011

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