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30/8/1921 – Log 1 – … It’s a Hard Life…

Posted by on August 30, 2011

I’ve decided just this morning, that I would keep a log of my life. It was a kind of, challenge for myself, and at this moment, I regret it, I don’t know what to write about…

The time is, 6:48pm, on a Wednesday night, I don’t know why I started this diary now, I should have started it on a fresh week. Speaking of a fresh week, I start work next week, working at a the steelworks.┬áThe day has seemed so long, I practically did nothing, walked the town, ate lunch and breakfast, my girl friend is getting dinner ready. I promised I would a diary every night, and she would not read it, until it was time. Living by ourselves is hard work, we only see each other in the early mornings, and late afternoons.

The Great War, only ended a few years ago. Affected our country, I was about to join, it then ended. If there is another war which there most likely won’t be, I’m not planning on signing up. Life is too precious to be running around shooting at people, I’d rather let the, more dare-devilish, or daring men, to shoot other people of there own species, and to risk there life. I’m not stupid enough for that. I respect myself enough to not do that…

Anyway, I thats enough… Hopefully I think of better things to document about myself, and my experiences.

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