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12/9/1921 – Log 2 – … First day on the Job…

Posted by on September 12, 2011

The nice, unsafe, and somehow ‘home’ feeling of being at work. The first days are always interesting, being told what to do, not what to do, it feels like school all over again, except your older, smarter, more mature. My boss, Kevin, seemed, nice, kind of scary, mostly because of the tone of his voice, it made him always seem angry, or frustrated, I later realised it was just his voice, and that I didn’t mess up my first ‘job’. Half the time I wasn’t listening to him, well not consciously listening, just going on about how others have stuffed up, and been sacked. I made a couple of new friends, Jacob and Max.

That was basically my first day, this seems stupid documenting my life, but hopefully it’ll be good for something…

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