Sep 12 2011


The food in this country is crap, equivalent of what I fed my dogs back on the farm. 

The mash potato is 60% flour.

The steak is chewy.

The boiled ‘Brussle sprouts’ are slimy.

Nothing has any flavor. I wish my Nonna was here to show them how to cook.

Sep 12 2011


I’ve been working. Many hours of overtime. Job is hard, but the people at the hostel at ‘Fairy Meadow’ are nice. 

Some priests/monks from the Calabrese order are helping us Italians out. It’s good to know our brothers care for us, they are friendly and know English well. They helped me learn the English I know today. I plan to get more money.

I helped out some Spanish immigrants today, they needed help with their sons ‘la storia’. They are learning about Captain Cook at school. I told them he discovered Australia.

Aug 30 2011

Needing a job

My relatives back in Italia need me, I promised I would get them to this new beautiful country called Australia. No luck so far, I know that the stealworks in Port Kembla need workers, I’ll have to try there, although I don’t want that job. I guess I’ll have to take it.

My family is poor and I hope I can do my best for them.