the day that…..

We went to the docks, i didn’t know it was a strike until people started yelling ¬†and throwing things at boats, there were people on the boats and they were getting hit with bottles they were yelling at us to stop. The police came 5 minutes later and they were standing Infront of us, it looked like they were protecting the boats, they told us to go but nobody would but i did the police shot there guns over us Hoping that we would go but then people started running towards and i was getting pushed to run so i did the police then started shooting at us i sore people falling on the floor al around me and then i had a sharp pain run through my chest thats when i regreted coming and i new that i wouldn’t be coming home that day.

The day that…..

It was a nice day sunny, a few clouds and a nice breeze but to day was a day that i wish never happened. I was at work , having a great time repairing furniture and all sorts of stuff, my mate rob walked in, very happy, he was saying that all the workers in the shop were going on strike and he wanted me to go with him, at first i said no but he convinced me to go. He told me that he would meet me at 12:00 at the bar. It was 12:00, i went to the bar and everyone from the shop was there but it was weird because people were angry and some people had a fight and thats when i regreted going…

To be continued
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