Sep 12 2011

Photo of our bambino

 I am a so so happy today because mia moglia sent me a image of our bambino. 

from left to right (Antonietta, Luca, Margaretta, Marco, Antonio e Andrea) i am a so happy to see that Andrea my youngest child is growing very well. 

Sep 12 2011

Grazie Gesu…

Grazie gesu, you come into a my life just when i need you. the scalabrese man help me to find new job, a job as a professional football player. it was always my dream as a child to play for AC Milano, now i play for this a team si chiama: Port Kembla FC. Life is a finally start to turn around for me, it is a hard to believe i was a thinking of suicide not but a few nights ago. i am now making some good money and i am sending pleanty amount to my wife and children in italia, not only am i sending it to them but i am sending it to some of mio amici in italia. GRAZIE GESU! Grazie….

Sep 12 2011


I was a on my way to the building to make myself no live no more when i was a stopped by an italian man, he say to me that he is a priest from milano and that he was a here to help me, i could not a believe this, he tell a me that he was a from the order of priest si chiama: scalabrese. he was a truly a gift from a god, he save me from a big a mistake.