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A Hard Days Work – 11/11/1922

Posted by on September 12, 2011

It was a regular day at work, it was a longer day than usual time was going a lot slower. It is difficult mining for 12 hour with hardly any break, so i travelled through the mineshaft on one of the carts. When it stopped i starting mining with 3 others, i then realised that behind the rock we were mining was a room that was cut out. We finally mined through the wall and we went inside the small room and their was huge amounts of gold, the 4 of us ran in and grabbed as much gold as we could. We then had a choice to give it to the company to sell or keep it and sell it ourselves. The other 3 of them just took them for themselves, but i approached my boss and told him about it he said i could keep it and sell it myself. So i took the gold and sold it and got a huge amount of about 20,000 pounds for it, and i banked all of this money. It was a bit of a hard day but I was rewarded with a huge amount of money and now my confidence is high.

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