A Hard Days Work – 11/11/1922

It was a regular day at work, it was a longer day than usual time was going a lot slower. It is difficult mining for 12 hour with hardly any break, so i travelled through the mineshaft on one of the carts. When it stopped i starting mining with 3 others, i then realised that behind the rock we were mining was a room that was cut out. We finally mined through the wall and we went inside the small room and their was huge amounts of gold, the 4 of us ran in and grabbed as much gold as we could. We then had a choice to give it to the company to sell or keep it and sell it ourselves. The other 3 of them just took them for themselves, but i approached my boss and told him about it he said i could keep it and sell it myself. So i took the gold and sold it and got a huge amount of about 20,000 pounds for it, and i banked all of this money. It was a bit of a hard day but I was rewarded with a huge amount of money and now my confidence is high.

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First Train Ride – 08/11/1922

It was a regular day like all the others until my boss let me know that a new railway track had been built close by and i should go check it out because it benefit our business in our sales. So I went along and found the train station and i asked to conductor “How fast does the train go” and he said “25 miles per hour” and i said “WOW!!! Is it true that you can feel the blood travel to the back of your head?” the conductor said “No, but maybe i’m used to it because i have been a conductor for about 10 years”.

So i very cautiously got onto the train and as it started to travel, and i started to feel all the blood in my body rush to the back of me i started to freak out. I told the conductor “Can you slow down a little i feel like the blood is rushing to the back of my body”. He said”Relax it doesn’t actually happen its just something we say because most people get really afraid to come and ride on our trains”. I then realised that the blood wasn’t rushing to the back of my body i felt normal like standing on land but traveling a lot faster.

I went back to my boss and told him that it was a great idea to transport our goods using a trains. Having done my work for the day i returned home and read the newspaper, and had a nice stew for dinner.

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