20th Feb 1920

I have been grieving for the past five days, it turns out that the man waiting for me at my house was there to tell me that mother had past away. the women who gave me everything, the lady who raised me, fed me, cared for me and loved me……gone. she has left me all the money in her bank account, 10 000 pounds. i never knew she had all this money. but that doesn’t matter right now, i have to get back on my feet, life will be hard with mother. but i should be able to cope.

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15th Feb 1920

When i was walking to work today i saw a few things and thought that maybe i might tell you about what i saw

there was the local town drunk

asking for pence

mumbling words

that didnt make sense

as we walked past

i tossed him a few

“thank you” he said

turned around and spewed

the road was hard

no shoes, it hurt

but i went on to walk

all the way to work

and after i shed

litres of sweat

the boss told me

James take a rest

and so i went home

and walked in the house

a man was standing there

whats this all about??


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3rd Feb 1920

Life As Is Vol.1 By J.T Hodgens:

Days are hot, and hours are long

and still me bank is empty

and just only, the other morn’

was robbed by vigilantes

we rashen food, my mother and i

so everyday is tough

no car, no shoes, just shorts and shirt

so every road is rough

the age approaches, 18 years

we’re only just left of war

the say we fought for freedom

but i doubt thats what its for………

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First Log

okay, so here’s the deal. I’m 17 going on 18 in a week from now. Mum say to me, “i have an early birthday present for you”

She then hands me a brown paper parcel with THIS in it!

I’m 17, i don’t need a diary. Mum says it will be good for me because i enjoy writing poems every now and then.

and now that i have a job down at the blacksmith she says it will keep me in touch with reality.

Well i guess I’ll see how it goes………..

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