another day living a nightmare

September 5th, 2011

emily is sick at the moment, so that means the housework is not being done. im working full time and being pregnant makes it hard. i hardly get to see my husband, when i get home i cook him dinner then do the housework all night. im getting really sick with standing up all day and not getting much sleep.

this morning i woke up with really bad stomach cramps. i really dont feel like going to work, but i need to, to support my family. im going to call the local doctor and see how the baby is going. im struggling with every daily activity that i do. my cooking, my work, my sport. my daughter emily is finding it really hard too. she has so much pressure with the house work and school work. i hope everything works out ok, but i know it wont. i wish i lived closer to my family, i moved away with my husband when i was 20.

well i better be going to work now.

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