another day living a nightmare

September 5th, 2011

emily is sick at the moment, so that means the housework is not being done. im working full time and being pregnant makes it hard. i hardly get to see my husband, when i get home i cook him dinner then do the housework all night. im getting really sick with standing up all day and not getting much sleep.

this morning i woke up with really bad stomach cramps. i really dont feel like going to work, but i need to, to support my family. im going to call the local doctor and see how the baby is going. im struggling with every daily activity that i do. my cooking, my work, my sport. my daughter emily is finding it really hard too. she has so much pressure with the house work and school work. i hope everything works out ok, but i know it wont. i wish i lived closer to my family, i moved away with my husband when i was 20.

well i better be going to work now.

never thought life could be so hard.

August 30th, 2011

my husband is working so hard to support our family. at the moment to make things even harder im pregnant. i found out a few weeks ago. i guess you could say im pretty happy with the news but this means life is going to get way more difficult.

my job is so hard, i work in the local factory i walk there and back everyday. the worst thing is none of the workers are allowed to sit down, we have to stand up all day bearing in mind the temperature is over 40 degrees. were not allowed to go to the toilet until we have finished our work. im starting to get really sick in the mornings from morning sickness im guessing. then im late to work and get a deduction on my pay.

my daughter emily is 14 years of age. she stays home during the day doing the house work. my husband doesnt get home till late at night.

when i get home of an evening i cook dinner. it has to be on the table by the time my husband is home no excuses.

i hope things start to get easier for me but i know thats not possible with the baby on the way. i have no idea what im going to do when the baby arrives, life is going to be 100 times harder, not looking forward to that. i wish  life was simpler sometimes. we can hardly support ourselves let alone with another young child. i have some serious thinking to do about the future.

well i have to go to work now, my feet are killing me already let alone standing up for another 10 hours. ah someone help me!