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Wordpress Mobile Apps
Not at a computer and you wish to add to your dead dude diary? No worries. You can add to your diary directly from your mobile device.

There are WordPress apps for the following devices and platforms:

  • iOS on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad
  • Android
  • Blackberry
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Nokia

You can find out more at the following WordPress page for mobile apps.

Bert Hinkler on flying 0

The audio file below is a sound recording of Bert Hinkler. He was an Australian aviator. He made the first solo flight from Britain to Australia in 1928.

He made the flight in a single-engine Avro Avian aircraft in 151/2 days. Following the flight, which also broke five aviation records, the Australian government made him an honorary squadron leader.

Listen to Bert Hinkler

You can explore more information regarding the recordings of Bert Hinkler here.

A guide that you can use to follow the required steps for adding audio can be downloaded from this link.

Opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge 0

The film below shows the Governor General Sir Isaac Isaacs arriving for the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

A guide that sets out how to link to YouTube video files in your posts can be found in this adding video worksheet.

My first diary entry 1

This is my class photograph. You can see my friends Billie and Cecilia in the photograph. It was taken at Smithtown Primary School in 1921.

Old school photograph

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