Year Nine History Links


Museum Victoria ~ Federation
Federal Fashions
NLA ~ Federation Gateway
Federation ~ Australia's Cultural Portal
Centenary of Federation ~ 2001
Picture Australia ~ Federation Australia
Place ~ Building The Nation
Melbourne ~ Our First Capital
Federation ~ The First Twenty Years
Documenting Democracy
Australia's Prime Ministers
Chinese Immigration ~ Federation stories
Kanakas & The Cane Fields
Chinese on the gold fields
Chinese and the gold rush
White Australia Policy
The Bubonic Plage in Sydney
Streets of Sydney 1900-1928
History and archives of Sydney
Barani ~ Indigenous History
of Sydney

The 1920s

Bert Hinkler ~ Aviation Pioneer
Australia in the 1920s
Australian history in the 1920s
Australia between the wars
Australian women between the wars
Australia 1920s Timeline
Australian film and television chronology
The Coniston Massacre 1926

The 1930s

The Great Depression in Australia
Sydney Harbour Bridge ~ info
Sydney Harbour Bridge
Depression & Crisis in NSW
Govts could not handle Depression
Depression & Australian theatre
1930s Legendary Surfers
PM James Scullin
Dismissal of Jack Lang

The First World War

Anzac Battlefields of World War One
Not Just A Name On The Wall
The First World
The First World War Timeline
Visit Gallipoli ~ ANZAC Site
ANZAC ~ Gallipoli Campaign
NMA ~ Spirit Of The Digger
Australians At War
Fifty Australians
First World War ~ In Colour
Gallipoli ~ Drama of the Dardanelles
ANZAC Biscuits ~ recipe
The ANZAC Walk ~ Lone Pine
Spirit Of The Digger

The Second World War

Australia's War 1939-1945
Australians At War
Fifty Australians
Prisoner of War
Far Eastern Heroes
Battle of the Coral Sea
Australia Attacked ~ Mini-sub attack on Sydney
60 minutes report ~ The mini-sub is discovered
Australia attacked ~ Darwin bombed
WW2 Links
Australia~Japan Research Project
Malaya~Singapore Tragic Incompetence
The Fall of Singapore
1942 ~ Battlefield Singapore
Pearl Harbor Remembered

Local Site Study

Local Heritage Sites in the Albion Park, Shellharbour, Calderwood and Macquarie Pass areas ~ 8mb PDF
Heritage Trail Map for Albion Park ~ 745k PDF
Wollongong Light House
Kiama Lighthouse
Dion's Bus Service Historical Photographic Gallery #1
Dion's Bus Service Historical Photographic Gallery #2
RAAF Lockheed Hudson Air Crash Dapto 1942
Cities Services Boston Memorial
Mount Kembla Mine Disaster
Beverley Whitfield Swimming Pool
Illawarra Light Railway Museum
Historical Aircraft Restoration Society
Kiama Anglican Church
Kiama Local History Blog
Illawarra Historical Society
Bulli Miners' Cottage
Illawarra Local History Links
Evelyn Owen ~ sub machine gun
Port Kembla Steelworks
University of Wollongong History

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